The social network



Adaptation of the novel titled « the accidental billionaires: the founding of facebook, a tale of sex, Money,Genius and betrayal » written by Ben Mezrich and published in 2009, The social network is a film by David Fincher, the film is about the creation of the social network facebook, Mark Zuckerberg a student from Hardvard university and great genius of the software progammation decides to create a social network, but, there are many risks to have almost 500 millions of friends  on the web…

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Kim Kardashian-naked for W magaine



Kim Kardashian is Became famous with her sex tape, and today, she’s considered like a sex bomb, and thanks to her beauty and this sex tape she is officially entered in the people world. Like Paris Hilton, Kim loves celebrity, every day she is followed by many photographers, she is playing in a reality tv named « keeping up with the Kardashians » . In 2007, Kim Kardashian was photopgraphed naked for the « playboy magazine » and today in 2010, she is photographed naked for W magazine the next month. In despite criticisms, we must recognize that Kim is a woman really very sexy…

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Elvis Presley-back up to 70s


Elvis is a 70s singer, born on January 8 1935 to Tupelo in the mississipi, the voice, talent, dancing, that was the « king »‘s personnality, with 700 millions of albums sold in the world, he had participated in 1156 concerts to the United Staes of America, three in Canada and 525 shows in Las Vegas, it’s one of artist who sold more reccords worldwide during his lifetime, today again when we are listenning his music, we are very nostalgic, listen to the don’t be cruel‘s single a great song and give me your comment…

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  Last mangas (vosta)…


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